Posted by Shaun on 07 July 2014 at 4:25pm

Your unused loft is probably the largest area in your home, an average 2/3 bedroom property can account for over 400 square foot of useable loft space.

It is a cost effective project to make it safe and usable by laying some floorboarding down. This can be done by the DIY enthusiast but in most cases you will not have the transport to purchase the correct type boards, most builders merchants sell the small boards which do not really do the job properly, as in most cases they only have the tongue and groove at two ends which means a lot of wastage. It is important to have the end of the board sitting on the floor joist. You will be able to purchase the large boards at the big stores like B&Q but getting them back in an average saloon car or even a small van can be a problem. We use these 8 foot by 2 foot 4 sided tongue and groove flooring grade chipboards which are also treated against moisture by the manufacturer. The boards are layed to the existing floor joists, staggered for strength cut to suit and then screwed down, making the floored area safe to store all those boxes and the things that may come in handy one day. It also saves you the worry of putting your foot through the fragile area between your floor joists.